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Safety Guide - Keeping your car hire keys safe

Holidays are always fun, and a great way to check all the sights is by hiring a car, however remember – safety first. Car Hire keys are one of those items that sometimes might be misplaced in your hotel room, lost on the beach while taking a nice and relaxing sun bath or even stolen. However, there are ways to avoid this unpleasant experience by just following this handy guide.

  • When you receive your keys at the counter, remember to keep them in the same condition as they were delivered to you - do not remove parts or elements.

  • Once you reach your destination, and while unpacking, there is always something left in the car. Try to avoid giving others the key to pick it up for you, and try to do it yourself or at least assist them to make sure that the keys return to you. After all, they are your car keys and your responsibility.

  • So everything is in the room, now it is time to fill those wardrobes! Before you start getting out your snorkeling mask, and swimsuit and heading down to the beach, establish first, a one visible and safe place where you will keep all your valuables including your car keys, so there's never a problem with finding them at all times. Tip: get one of those small and easy to carry smart travel bags, for securing your valuables in your hotel room, they come usually with the pad-lock.

  • So you are all set up, and ready to explore the area. When you go to the beach, your hotel swimming pool or other leisure areas in the location your staying at, be extra careful, as in those locations most of the incidents with misplaced or lost keys happen.

  • When worse come to worse, and you do lose your keys, do not panic, this things happen. As a first step, please notify immediately our rental location. We will order a duplicate to be sent to the renting location where You will need to go to pick them up.
    We will also order a Road Assistance service to pick up the car wherever it is and bring it back to our turnaround area, to be kept safe until you, with the new key, might use it again.

  • You will need to give us from 24 (during week days) up to 48-72 hours (during weekends) until a duplicate key is delivered to your location. Please bear in mind, that this service will be subject to a fine to cover all the costs generated by the incident (ordering a new key from the manufacturer, express shipping costs).

  • In case if your car keys get stolen, all above applies, but it is also very critical to report the theft to the nearest Police Station immediately in order to avoid getting into an unpleasant situation and ruining your holidays. When it happens you need to act quick and make sure that our location and Police department are notified so that them and us could take action.

  • To finish on the lighter note, here is our favourite advice - to avoid hassle, treat your car hire car keys as if they were the keys of your own car! By doing so, you will make sure your car keys are never lost!

    Have a safe trip!